Samurai Karate Academy are a group of clubs under the management of Ron Francis 7th Dan. The style practised is traditional Wado-Ryu Karate.

The group has various classes for adults and children, our classes for children start from the age of five. If you are interested in joining please don’t hesitate to contact Ron (details on the contact page).

Further Information

Samurai Karate Academy founded 1979 by Sensei Ron Francis 7th Dan; practising traditional Wado-Ryu Karate.

The group gained membership to the newly formed Great Britain Karate Federation, (G. B. K. F), a multi-style organisation; specialising in the following disciplines – Wado-Ryu, Shotokan, Kempo karate, Ju-jitsu and Kung-fu. During his time with the G.B.K.F, Ron acquired a wealth of knowledge from the various disciplines within the organization. He achieved his third Dan black belt and progressed to become chief instructor

of Wado-Ryu with the G.B.K.F.

In addition to the vast knowledge gained with the group, he is one of a very few British Wado-Ryu instructors who were fortunate enough to have been instructed and graded by the very best Japanese instructors in the country during the early seventies.

Ron was a member of the renowned Temple Karate club and the Suzuki Wado-Kai Dojo in Birmingham, UK.

He is very privileged and honoured to have received tuition from the late professor Ohtsuka the founder of Wado-Ryu Karate.

Samurai Karate Academy stands for excellence. We have maintained all the traditional elements; Self-Defence is a very important part of our daily training.

Ron and his instructors believe in progress, enhancing the style with the very best from other disciplines.

We have integrated into our style the fast exciting continuous sport karate fighting methods for the more competitive sport-orientated students.

Join a Samurai Karate Academy club and you can be sure of top quality instruction.


All Samurai Karate Academy clubs are members of the English Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Association, registered with Karate England the official governing body for Karate in England, recognised by the sports council.

In the Karate world when the English Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Association is mentioned people instantly think of professionalism, discipline, high standards and success.

The group boast several World, European and British champions and is one of the largest sport karate organisations in Great Britain.

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